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Dive Lights Direct is the world’s premier destination for dive lights. Our company was founded with the goal of making a large selection of high-quality diving lights directly available to recreational, photo/video and technical divers. Our inventory spans a wide range of diving styles and price points, so chances are good that we have the perfect diving torch for you.

Dive lights are magical.  They allow divers to see the underwater world in its natural beauty by restoring the color spectrum that seawater removes from sunlight.  For many scuba divers like those who explore caves and wrecks, dive lights are also essential safety tools.

There are many low quality diving lights on the market, these lights are prone to failure and can ruin a dive pretty quickly. For exploratory divers, a dive light failure can be life threatening. We only carry brands with strong reputations for performance like Bigblue Dive Lights, so you don't worry about accidentally buying a product of questionable quality.

We strive for great customer service. We offer free shipping on every dive light purchase and no hassle returns. Orders ship quickly, often on the day of purchase. If you have a question about a dive light, simply reach out to our customer service team, they are dive light experts.

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